Why is water important for fitness and health Part 2

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The question of how much water or liquid you should take to stay healthy and fit is not a flat rate to answer because in addition to the guided lifestyle and the climate plays a fundamental role . As a rule of thumb is that you should drink a liter of water per 20kg body weight. That is, if you weigh 60kg, you should consume at least two large 1.5 liter bottles of water per day. When heat and much exercise, the quantity shall be increased if necessary.

This may sound at first after a surprising amount, but relativized as soon as one has acquired the habit of drinking a glass every hour . Just head workers will notice the difference at the desk when you are optimally hydrated and thus can work faster. But even in the morning on the scales, you will experience a positive surprise with good hydrogenation. When we drink a lot, in our body, a hormone is released that diuretic effect. So you not only lose weight, but also can normalize their blood pressure under certain circumstances.

A study by the American military has also shown that caffeine does not have a diuretic, but only increases the need to urinate . This means you can enjoy coffee and black tea as your liquid intake to count as fruit juices, milk and green tea. Also keep in mind that you already cover 15-30 percent of their fluid requirement on the normal diet.

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